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Printing Products and Services in Zamboanga City - Freedom Commercial Printers

Freedom Commercial Printers (FCP) is a printing company headquartered in Zamboanga City.  On March 2020, we celebrated our 41st year in the printing industry.  FCP is a complete commercial printer catering to all types of printing products and services. We have the technical expertise and experience gained over 41 years and 2 generations of dedicated and focused work on paper and paperboard printing to produce prints in superior quality and at highly competitive prices. So we easily understand virtually any print product that you require. 


Posters, Flyers and Leaflet, Brochures, Calendars Printing Services

✔    Posters

✔    Flyers and Leaflet

✔    Brochures
✔    Calendars


Panaflex Signage, Vehicle Decals, Store Decals​​​​​​​, Tarpaulin and Banner Printing Services

✔    Panaflex Signage
✔    Vehicle Decals
✔    Store Decals​​​​​​​

✔    Tarpaulin

Labels, Food Boxes, Food Packaging Products, Custom Printed Boxes Printing Services

✔    Labels
✔    Food Boxes and other Food 
       Packaging Products
✔    Custom Printed Boxes

Magazines, Newsletters, Textbooks, Yearbooks, Annuals Printing Services

✔    Magazines
✔    Newsletters
✔    Textbooks
✔    Yearbooks

✔    Annuals

Receipts and Invoices, Continuous Business Forms, Letterheads and Stationaries, Office and Company Forms Printing Services

✔    Receipts and Invoices
✔    Continuous Business Forms
✔    Letterheads and Stationaries
✔    Office and Company Forms


School Diplomas and Transcript of Records Printing Services

✔    School Diplomas and               Transcript of Records
✔    Tickets


Corporate Giveaways, Customized Logo Printing Services

(Customized Printing of Logo)

✔    Umbrellas
✔    Bags
✔    Mugs
✔    Caps
✔    ID Lanyard
✔    Fans
✔    Ballpens
✔    USB / Flashdrive



Customized Polo Shirt, P.E. Uniforms, Jerseys, Sportswear Printing Services

✔    Customized Polo Shirt
✔    Dri-Fit Shirts & Jackets
✔    Promotional Tees
✔    Jerseys & Sportswear
✔    P.E. Uniforms


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Printing Products and Services in Zamboanga City - Freedom Commercial Printers


Gov. Ramos Avenue (near EAAB Gate 2),
Sta. Maria Zamboanga City, 7000 Philippines
+63 (62) 991 7740
+63 (917) 873 3759


Unit A, Bangayan Building, Veterans Avenue
Zamboanga City, 7000 Philippines
+63 (62) 991 7035 ; 992 5111
+63 (917) 675 2814

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