The new generation of W|ECO® arrowboards are even more power-efficient than before. Innovative engineering employs a unique power system that uses small, eco-friendly batteries. The result is a remarkable technology that benefits the environment without sacrificing performance.


Board material: Aluminum sheet and welded channels
Frame construction: MIG-welded, 2½-inch square steel tubing
Finish: Powder-coated and oven-baked
Controller: Self-contained solid-state electronics located in lockable weather-resistant aluminum enclosure
Display options:
15-light and 25-light models provide up to 12 arrow display functions
Automatic dimming is standard
Power system: 
- Two sealed, leak- and spill-proof, 12-volt, 25 Ah VRLA batteries
- Solar charging system with solid-state voltage regulator, charge indicator;
overcharge and deep discharge protection
- Includes PTC resettable fuses, reverse polarity protection, and low-voltage
disconnect system
- Positive-drive voltage system applies voltage to lamps only when lit
- Contained in lockable weather-resistant enclosure
Industry standards: Meets MUTCD



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