Full-matrix signs provide the greatest flexibility for displaying any type of message—large or small letters, symbols, graphics. Graphics and text can be combined in the same message.


Matrix Signs
WTMMB(A) Hydraulic lift
WTMMB(B) Manual winch


Resolution: Four amber LEDs form each pixel
Matrix: 48 pixels wide, 27 pixels high
Fonts: 12 fonts, selectable
Default font: 
5 x 7 pixels
3 lines of 8 characters max.
Default font size:
11 x 16 in. (28 x 42 cm)


Batteries: Four 6 Vdc deep-cycle batteries wired for 12 Vdc power
Battery capacity: 430 Ah total capacity @ 12 Vdc
Solar panels: 130 W minimum
Power options: Additional batteries, 4D AGM batteries and solar panels

Full-Matrix Signs


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