About Us

MAN GREAT SECURITY AGENCY CORP. is duly registered under the existing laws of the Republic of the Philippines and duly licensed to operate as a Security Agency to provide Security Services Nationwide. 

MAN GREAT SECURITY AGENCY CORP. was incorporated on November 27, 2000. It has a high competitive standing in the industry and gained the reputation as one of the best in terms of management and providing Security Services. It has the capability to mobilize and set up branch offices anywhere in the country where prospective clients are located. 

Through the years of day-to-day activities and happening of contingent events, MAN GREAT SECURITY AGENCY CORP. has grown from many of its experiences. 

MAN GREAT SECURITY AGENCY CORP. will provide you licensed, trained, insured and bonded Security Officers and Personnel that meet the minimum standard set by Republic Act 5487. 

MAN GREAT SECURITY AGENCY CORP. offers free of charge, supervisory/inspectorate personnel to insure strict adherence to our General Orders and your Rules and Regulations. Inspectors are utilized as a liaison between MAN GREAT SECURITY AGENCY CORP. and our Client. 

Supervisors and Operations Department are on 24 hours tour of duty, 365 days a year for your convenience and will make spot checks to prevent the issue of complacency and familiarity. It is our belief that in order to assure the best quality of service that we stand by, we must keep close relationships with our Security Personnel both on and off duty. 

Our approach involves a proactive theory of well-groomed, trained, uniformed security personnel. Our strategies entails several steps to mitigate (if not prevent) the possibility and opportunity for theft of property or injury to persons within the clients premises. 

The quality of service that we offer begins long before you see our security personnel. MAN GREAT SECURITY AGENCY CORP. has resolved to make recruitment and training of our security personnel is the key to our success; in that, we conduct very strict standards in our hiring processes. 

To complement the internal management of MAN GREAT SECURITY AGENCY CORP, the company has extensive linkages with national and local government agencies such as the Department of Local Government, Philippine National Police, Regional Law Enforcement Units and the AFP’s intelligence community. Our firm does not only provide guard services but also invaluable advice on situational updates and security assistance to its clients during emergency situations. These are made possible through several linkages with consultants and resource persons who are seasoned active and retired security professionals and intelligence officers with the AFP, PNP, and National Intelligence and Coordinating Agency. 

Since its inception, MAN GREAT SECURITY AGENCY CORP. has had an extensive list of corporate clientele in the financial and business sectors either in uniformed guard’s services or on a consultancy basis on local government offices, multinational corporations and industrial plants and depots. In all these establishments that maintained security ties with MAN GREAT SECURITY AGENCY CORP., the agency provides not only physical coverages but also investigative and liaison works with local Law Enforcement Agencies for security advisories on perceived threats in their immediate localities. Our firm extends technical preparations or security survey, crisis management studies and vulnerability analysis for these companies. 

MAN GREAT SECURITY AGENCY CORP. is compliant with the General Labor Standards (GLS) and is duly registered establishment under Department Order 18-A duly issued by the Department of Labor and Employment. Under the provisions of its registration, MAN GREAT SECURITY AGENCY CORPORATION undertakes to provide all the government mandated benefits to all its Security Personnel without delay and gives assistance to the needs of its personnel. Another unique feature of MAN GREAT SECURITY AGENCY CORP. organizational set up is the Consultants Service Group who reports directly to the Chairman of the Board. It is composed of consultants and resource persons readily available to provide clients with estimate on current political, economics and peace and order situations, as well as intelligence updates. As mentioned earlier, these consultants are seasoned security and intelligence practitioners. As such, they are in a position to facilitate the deployment of public security forces for emergency assistance whenever so required by client companies.

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