Credit Information Solutions in Makati

Consumer Due Diligence

This service provides an assessment on an individual applying for a certain endeavour wherein the organization should assess the extent to which the former exposes itself to a range of risk.


This pertains to background checking of employees to determine the manner of living of a person that reflects his values and attitudes. This is employed by companies on its employees to determine the simplicity or luxuriousness the person lives compared to the income the employee earns.


This pertains to background checking of a person who is applying for a franchise from a franchisor to be able to earn the privilege of using the franchisor's business model and brand for a prescribed period of time. The franchisor resorts to this service to help him determine the capacity, capability and attitude towards the business of the applicant franchisee before granting the latter the franchise.

Club Membership

This pertains to background checking of a person who is a applying for a club membership. People apply for membership in group organization such as golf and country clubs with similar interests as the other members. It is incumbent upon the club to check the applicant his qualification before being admitted.