Human Resource Solutions in Makati

Human Resource Solutions

This service provides solutions to the major needs and requirements of company’s human resource group relating to its activities and responsibilities such as applicant checking, medical benefit assistance, executive search, candidate interview assessment,  on-boarding requirements assistance and HR Policy Formulation.

Applicant Checking

Background checking of applicants who are applying for a job from a company. Companies conduct this procedure to reduce the risk that the employee would bring to the organization since it is one effective way to discover potential issues that could affect the business.

a. Educational background – Veracity and credentials of subject’s college education. 

b. Employment History – Previous employment for the past 5 years.

c. Employment Gap Checking - Refers to checking of subject's activity wherein candidate remains unemployed between employment dates as per resume.

d. Character Reference Checking – Description of subjects attribute and traits. Maximum of 3 references.

e. Residence and Neighborhood Checking – Verification of subject’s stated address and reputation in the community.

f. Barangay Checking – Verification with the barangay office if subject has adverse record (subject of a complaint) in the community where the barangay has jurisdiction over subject’s stated address.

g. Court Case Records – If subject has a criminal or civil court case filed against him.

h. Credit Checking – If subject has a credit records filed against him.

i. Professional Licensure Verification – Verification if subject is a registered professional with PRC.

j. Identity Checking – Verification of authenticity of the subject’s SSS ID.

k. Global Adverse Online Checking – Refers to negative findings that might come up via local and global online search that includes FBI, Interpol, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and PNP Most Wanted internet sites.

l. Expanded Global Adverse Online Checking – Refers to negative findings that might come up via additional global online search that includes Sex offender, Drugs and Crime, Human Trafficking and Money Laundering internet sites.

m. Motor Vehicle Driving Record Checking - Verification of the candidate's driving license authenticity and obtaining his driving records including offenses and/or citations.  

On-boarding Requirements Assistance

This refers to assistance provided to the client by collecting, gathering and checking the consistency of information in the applicant's requirements, such as Resume, Transcript of Record, Diploma, Birth Certificate, Medical Certificate, NBI Clearance and others depending on the requirements of client.

Post-employment Background Checking

This pertains to background checking of existing employees wherein company management would like to background check due to suspicions developed or implement policy that all employees should undergo a certain background check. These employees were hired but were not subjected to the usual background checking. Elements of checking may include school verification, court case, residential/ neighbourhood verification and employment history among others.

Candidate Interview Assessment

This refers to evaluation conducted to the candidate as part of the client’s selection process. It is based upon the completion of an interview to determine the suitability

of the candidate.

Medical Benefit Assistance

This refers to assistance that company provides to employees such as domestic partner verification, drug testing and Covid 19 testing. 

a. Domestic Partner Verification – refers to the verification of domestic partner's eligibility for health plan, insurance and other enrollment benefits. Specific benefits include health insurance, life insurance, death benefits, parental rights, sick and family leave.

b. Drug Testing – assistance provided to client's employee and prospective hires by coordination with our accredited drug testing centers for the subject's schedules and submission of results to the requesting party. 


c. Covid-19 Testing – assistance provided to client's employees and prospective hires by coordinating with our accredited diagnostic clinics for the subject's schedules and submission results to the requesting party.

Executive Search

This provides personnel outsourcing and placement of competent and highly qualified supervisors, managers and executives for various companies and industries.