Mkyza Trading & Contracting Inc. is a marketing company that engaged in Specialty Chemicals, Specialty Lubricants, Water Treatment and Civil work. It is led by a team dedicated to meet and fulfill the expectation of our clients and thereby we are continually improving the position of our company in the market place, as well as enhancing the lives of our employees and our company.

To Achieve our Vision

WE WILL use technology to be innovative, profitable, safe and environmentally sensitive.

WE WILL use continuous improvement in a TEAM environment to develop employee capabilities to their full potential.

WE WILL strive to achieve long-term relationships as a valued partner to our customers. 


Our goal is to continue our long- term trend of ten percent annual growth in sales and in earnings by a combination of internal growth and acquisitions.


We will strive to be recognized by customers as “the best” at understanding and anticipating their needs and rapidly responding with innovative, value-added products and services.

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