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Great Bonding...

Romping in the tree houses
Reminisce your own childhood days by playing beach volleyball with your kids Munting Buhangin Beach Camp is created for the great outdoors - an idyllic setting big enough for families, clubs and companies.  The whole area can easily suit 2,000 people and you have a choice of semi-exclusive or exclusive for accommodations.

Amenities include fully furnished air-conditioned cottages, family rooms for two (2) or four (4), tree-houses big enough for ten (10), screen tents with comfortable cushions, well-maintained comfort rooms and showers areas.  Brown out free with abundant mountain-spring water.

A perfect haven for conventions, conferences, seminars and other social functions.

Aside from the clear, unspoiled beach and warm camp, Munting Buhangin's 24-hectare property features a more active, challenging and fun-filled nature based learning experience.

Go for the trail inside the forest, play our native games, build a tent, learn survival courses and other camp activities, but most of all... Enjoy the warmth of togetherness in the flickering glow of the camp fire.


Rediscover your Family in the World of Play 


Where can you find a place for the whole family to relax, have fun and get closer together?


A splendid blend of a warm camp and cool sandy beach, Munting Buhangin Beach  Camp offers the best - an idyllic setting to reintroduce values that help strengthen family ties.  


On the Beach...


Family Picnics - dine on tables with benches and picnic huts under the palms

Swimming, snorkeling, fishing, boating, playing ball or beachcombing and a whole lot more.

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